About us


The significant expansion of the company's activities in its fields of work was to have a successful network with the refineries group in various countries of the world by refining millions of barrels of crude oil to obtain millions of tons of different petroleum products, the first of which is diesel - gasoline - kerosene - fuel oil and other products.
These results made the company succeed in meeting the demands of its customers and equipping them with petroleum products in a distinct policy was the open passage to achieve its goals in the sustainability of work with oil refineries on the one hand and companies trading or consuming petroleum products, whether they are companies or governments in the form of oil ministries itn the countries on the other hand. This successful policy made the company enter into long-term commitments and contracts in the processing of crude oil or petroleum products and the results were all successful in terms of credibility and commitment in the implementation of quantities and fixed deadlines.
* We are expanding permanently and equally in all sectors including oil trade starting from trading in crude oil and refining, trading in petroleum products, shipping of crude oil and its products, and the implementation of bunker operations for ships and storage. Taking into account regional and international commercial market conditions and price variables.


The company is considered to be one of the main group companies with permanent activity in all circumstances through its head office in the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to its office and agencies in many countries such as (London - Singapore - Tokyo - Copenhagen - South America - Libya - Kenya - Sudan - Lebanon - Turkey - Azerbaijan - Yemen)
The company has reached far and is well-known in the competence of refining crude oil and access to petroleum products and trade therein, and the company has become an important center in the processing stations of various petroleum products, which start according to its importance and volume of trading as follows:-
Diesel – gasoline - fuel oil 180 and 380 – kerosene of various types, in addition to other products such as lubricants – paraffin wax – asphalt – liquid gas – petrochemicals.
Considering the presence of the company's main headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and being the economic center in the Gulf region, made it the center of trading in petroleum products and that is due to the geographical location of the state.
The emirate of Fujairah has emerged as one of the terminals for the processing and storage of petroleum products in the Arabian Gulf and the world as a corridor for all international shipping lines linking the East and the West. The company has invested this significantly through the studied business plans by a team of marketing specialists that adopts modern and appropriate methods in establishing oil and trade relations and success was our ally and we continue to develop and accelerate our wheel from on success to another.