Crude Oil Trading

Crude Oil Trading

To meet these requirements, Al Jazeera Petroleum Products Trading Company was established and is one of the Union Investment Group companies in terms of the size and capital invested and the significant role it plays in the trade of oil on the largest scale in the world. The company came from its predecessor Texas Petroleum Company (TEXAS OIL), which was specialized in trading crude oil only.
* Al-Jazeera Companyis a response to the great expansion of the group in the oil business and the transition from the trading of crude oil, which was carried out by Texas Oil and specified in the purchase and sale of only crude oil, to be a complementary activity in the same specialty is to refine crude oil and get oil products and trade in these products with many consumers across the Gulf region initially and then expand to the neighboring countries of the region. Today, the company has commercial relations in the field of petroleum products with many countries in the world.
* We are expandingpermanently and equally in all sectors including oil trade starting from trading in crude oil and refining, trading in petroleum products, shipping of crude oil and its products, and the implementation of bunker operations for ships and storage. Taking into account regional and international commercial market conditions and price variables.
The company is considered to be one of the main group companies with permanent activity in all circumstances through its head office in the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to its office and agencies in many countries such as (London - Singapore - Tokyo - Copenhagen - South America - Libya - Kenya - Sudan - Lebanon - Turkey - Azerbaijan - Yemen) one of the most accredited companies with the widest scope in this specialty.
* The expansionthat accompanied the process of the group required that there be human resources and advanced scientific means with international technology in related fields. For this reason, the group since its establishment in Iraq has given the greatest attention to the selection of human elements with scientific competence and professionalism and competence.
This policy has made the Group and its companies today own human teams with specializations that suit the companies and work very accurately, which was one of the most important reasons for success.
Oil or black goldas some call it is a dense, flammable liquid and is characterized by its greenish black color, and is one of the important energy sources used in many fields: Industry, transport, electric power production and others.
LIGHT CRUDELight crude is one of the most important types of crude import and use of crude oil and most imported by the major industrialized consuming countries
BRENT OREThis type is dominant in the global market where it controls two thirds of the oil markets to the extent that it affects the global stock market. The name Brent came from the source field located in the North Sea between Norway and England.
Oil consists of a mixture of hydrocarbons and liquid organic compounds. To separate these compounds from each other, crude oil is refined. The most common method of refining oil is fractional distillation. This separates oil derivatives based on their different boiling point. The most important derivatives of oil depending on the degree of boiling different oil derivatives: gasoline, kerosene, lubricants, paraffin wax, diesel, asphalt, petrochemicals, liquefied petroleum gas and fuel oil.
Oil derivativesare refined and extracted from the crude oil by refining processes starting from heating, distillation, gas separation and successive stages to produce a product or a derivative of one of the most famous oil derivatives:


* / Gasoline

* / Kerosene

* / Diesel

* / Ship fuel and factories

* / Heating fuel

* / Liquid and dry gases

* / Jet fuel

* / Coke coal

Other economic benefits of oil derivatives
There are several other benefits for oil derivatives, including oil and natural gas.
* The petroleum business sectors provide vacancies and jobs for many labor around the world.
* Oil raises the value of domestic production for a number of countries.
* The revenues of the countries that own the oil fields increase and this is directly related to their economic strength and the taxation, provided that the amount of oil extracted is sufficient.
* Natural gas in the United States alone contributed to raising national income by 385 billion dollars in 2008.
* Oil has helped exporting countries such as the Netherlands, Britain, and Russia to develop techniques and methods in the science of oil extraction and the exploitation of expertise and skills well in this field.
The presence of oil has encouraged many new industries such as chemicals.
CGD studies have shown the role of oil derivatives as a source of electricity in saving many countries from poverty as a result of facilitating access to reliable and powerful energy sources.